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Expecting a new baby or childbirth can, and often does, bring up old emotions and memories.

At a time when a mum-to-be or a new mum (or Dad) would like to be feeling happy, there can be underlying feelings of sadness, fear, loss, confusion, etc. for no obvious reason.

It is not always the image of the serene mum-to-be or new mum that we see in photos.

Feelings always, always over-ride logic.

It is almost a taboo subject to say that we are not feeling happy during these times. It can feel like we are a failure or there is 'something wrong with us'. It is almost expected that a new mum should be feeling joyful at the impending arrival or the joys of motherhood.

When we are brave enough to admit to ourselves how we really feel and seek help, then changes can happen, With Baby Journey sometimes the benefits can be felt almost immediately, other times it can take a little while.

There is no touched involved, no medication and, as it is not counselling, there is no need to talk in any depth about the past.

Truthfully, the method is easier to facilitate than it is to explain. In short, it is a collection of tried, tested and evidence based therapies in one appointment.

 Relax Baby can gently, easily and safety release those old feelings and heal the memories, allowing the new mum to enjoy the experience of pregnancy, child birth and being a Mummy.

Whilst HypnoBirthing is truly amazing it is not affordable for everyone and so Relax Baby is for mums (and Dads) to have some of the benefits of HypnoBirthing without the same cost.

Women's bodies are designed to give birth naturally and without pain - It is the Fear in our mind and bodies that creates the pain. 

Remove the fear - remove the pain. 

I have seen this to be true so many times over the years with my clients, and one particular client often comes to mind.

Lauren's* first pregnancy had resulted in such a traumatic and painful birth that she felt terror at the thought of giving birth to her second child. 

In just one Relax Baby private appointment - on the day she was due to give birth! - Lauren’s fear totally disappeared and I received a text from her, just hours after giving birth, telling me how easy and lovely the birth of her new baby had been. 

Lauren's story is not unusual. 

Relax Baby class with be at The Acorn Centre,  Old High Street, Hemel Hempstead, Herts HP1 3AE

Times, dates and fee to be confirmed.

For a confidential, free-of-charge telephone consultation call Sue  01442 213152