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About Sue

The Journey method changed my life - in every possible way.  During a very traumatic time in my life, traditional medicine left me with such unpleasant side effects that I chose to struggle through without them.

My 15 year career as a sceptical Sales Manager left little room for belief that anything so simple could possibly work. Having experienced the Journey process for myself, I was so impressed by the immediate and wonderful changes in me that I felt the need to learn as much as I could about it. So happy was I with my 'new' life that I decided to give up my sales career to train as a fully qualified Accredited Journey Practitioner. I wanted to pass on this incredibly effective healing process. 

I feel truly privileged and honoured to have been part of the amazing changes that Journey Therapy has brought to the lives of people from all works of life: men, women and children of all ages (from 3 years old to 83 years), who had suffered many different and varied issues, both physical and emotional.

I have facilitated over 3,000 Journey appointment in the past 12 years and my client's include Medical Doctors, senior government officials, Chief Executives, Directors, Teachers, well known Celebrities, Actors as well as those from less privilege careers. My community work includes working with those who are unemployed and receiving benefits.

Like many people I had experienced a number of incidents and traumas in my personal life – the worst time being in 1997, when my now ex-husband was attacked and suffered Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. This took many months to diagnose, by which time we had separated and had both experienced a great deal of unhappiness.

As a secondary victim of my husband’s Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, I was prescribed traditional medicine to help me through this indescribable time.  For me, the side effects of the drugs were so unpleasant that it was preferable to just struggle through the years of anguish without them.

I also received traditional counselling, which eventually helped slightly, but seemed to take so long to have any effect. I subsequently attended a Counselling Training Course, which confirmed my belief that many people want to have faster results and move forward with their lives.

A friend recommended a book called ‘The Journey’ by Brandon Bays. I bought the book, could not put it down and then attended a Journey Intensive weekend.

I did not initially believe anything so simple could possibly work, but I was so impressed by the immediate changes in myself that I felt driven to learn more about it.

I made the decision to leave my career as Sales Development Manager to complete the accreditation course and the 40+ case studies involved. The feedback from my clients is so rewarding.

I am so much happier, healthier and relaxed about life. My family and friends have seen the wonderful changes in me and have had Journey processes themselves. I wish I had known about the Journey years ago!

 ‘The Journey’ book by Brandon Bays is available from Amazon.