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The Journey method can be a remarkable support for clients who are receiving medical treatment for Cancer.

Margaret had been diagnosed with Lung cancer and the best she could be offered was palliative care as the cancer in her lungs was deemed inoperable.

Just weeks after her Journey appointment in February 2011 her surgeon was so surprised at the changes in her cancer that she had surgery and a remarkable  recovery and was back at work just months later.

3 years ago Margaret was diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer – palliative care was the only option……or so she was told by the Doctors…………. 

In November 2010 Margaret was diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer. Things didn’t look good. Palliative chemo therapy was prescribed and she put herself in the hands of the experts. But one of her many friends suggested that she should take a look at complementary and alternatives therapies too. 

As well as radically changing her diet Margaret came for Journey method therapy. Her intention was to remove from her body everything that was toxic and that included thoughts and emotions. Her first session – one of two – proved the point. Margaret cried a lot in those three hours, mainly in grief for her father who had died thirty years earlier. 

Margaret’s chemo went so well that against all expectations – both hers and her consultant specialists – she was offered surgery and had two lung lobes successfully removed. A very small proportion of the tumour was by that stage cancerous and no cancer was found to remain in her lymph nodes.

Now, three years on from the conclusion of treatment, Margaret is still well and has been told that she only needs to attend for check-ups annually for a couple of years more.

It is an unlikely tale. Margaret tells me her oncologist said he’s never come across a case like hers before in all his fifteen years specialising in cancer.  She herself is convinced that her survival is due not only to the chemo therapy and the surgery, but to the steps she herself took to aid her body to heal.

“I admit I was in a bad physical state when I received the diagnosis. Although I couldn’t put my finger on what the problem was, for a couple of years I’d had an odd feeling that my life was drawing to a close. I was astonished when I did the Journey method to find out how much grief I had been carrying for my father and how I had a habit of storing negativity.

“I believe that the body can so do much to heal itself if you give it a chance and do everything to help it. So I stopped consuming all processed food and concentrated my diet on nutrients that are known to aid healing. And then Journey Therapy helped me to let go of damaging stored emotions and to immunise myself against accumulating negativity.

“My body isn’t quite the temple I attempted to make it! But three years on, against all the odds, I’m still here and very much alive.”


If you know of someone diagnosed with cancer you might like to recommend The Journey by Brandon Bays – available free from local Libraries, Amazon.co.uk and book shops.


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