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Sue has personally facilitated over 3,000 private Journey appointments. Her clients include, Medical Doctors, Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Counsellors,  senior Government officials, Police Officers, Armed Forces personnel, Chief Executives, Directors, Teachers , Celebrities and children from 3 years upwards

ANGER ISSUE - Pete aged 49 - October 2015

Hi Sue,
I hope this finds you well. I most certainly am!
Not one outburst since our session, my wife's loving the 'new me'.
I've read the book, 'the journey' in one sitting!

Anyway so you can continue your wonderful work, below is a 'review' you can use at your discretion.

"45 years of pain, gone in one session."
"I can't begin to thank Sue enough for guiding me through this amazing process.
At the age of five I suffered a horrendous beating from someone I trusted. I have since carried around the repressed anger suffering huge outbursts of inappropriate anger (or tantrums if you will). These outbursts came, seemingly, out of nowhere and have affected all my relationships with others and my work all my life.
To add to this, at the age of nine, I lost my sister to suicide. When I was told the news, I slept for two days solid. If that's not repression in action then I don't know what is. A feeling of anxiety and loss has pervaded my life ever since.
After a particularly fraught outburst I found Sue on the internet and she was able to see me within 2 days. Sue's warm welcome and gentle manner put me right at ease and very soon we got down to work.
The process is relatively simple and Sue makes it a seamless experience and before long I was releasing the anger and sadness that had been holding me back virtually all my life. The session lasted around 4 hours. You are safe in Sue's hands.
Some weeks on from the session I am a changed man, ask my wife.                                                    
Gone are the feelings of anxiety and sadness and gone are the outbursts of anger that plagued me and terrorised others.  Gone in one session, how cool is that?
I can't recommend Sue and this process highly enough." Pete aged 49

Many, many thanks and warmest regards

DEPRESSION - Karen, October 2015

My name is Karen and I am the lady in the video on Sue's website (journey-therapy) who had a most amazing Journey experience some years ago now. At that time, before experiencing The Journey, I was very depressed, and felt like I had a dark bubbling cauldron of oil in my body. It felt dark and evil and that is the only way I can describe it. After just one session with Sue, the darkness left me immediately and I felt like a new person, and I was able to recognise the cause of this pain.

Then, about 2 months ago, I spoke with Sue at a time that so much had been happening in my life that left me in pain once again. It was a different pain to my previous one, and again I was suffering with depression, mainly because I suffered much loss in the last year and could not come to terms with it. We arranged another Journey session which lasted about 2 hours. I immediately felt better afterwards.

In the following days, the depression lifted so quickly, and I haven't looked back since. The only way I can describe it now is that I feel totally cleansed from the inside out. I no longer need medication and can now feel and cope much better than I ever did when I was on medication! My soul feels light and I feel full of blessings and gratitude for life, to the point that I can now handle life better and my past is not affecting my future. I can say with all my heart that The Journey Therapy has been an amazing experience for me and I would urge anyone in pain to follow this road to therapy, because it works!

Thank you Sue, I am so grateful to you and always will be.

From LD June 2014 - I have had therapy on and off for twenty years. Some good some bad. But nothing like this. No weeks & months talking about painful experiences. Sue was warm and welcoming. Little did I know she worked miracles! It was an amazing experience that keeps on working weeks after.  I left feeling positive. And still do. Yes life has not been without its challenges but I now feel equipped to deal with them!

Feel Better – Fast

Click here for 2 minute video testimonial

 Karen, in the video, lives in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire.

This 'Before and just 48 hours After ' was filmed In June 2010, uploaded on Youtube January 2012.

Having seen the video for the first time in January 2012 Karen sent the following email message to me - It just proves that not only does Journey Therapy work quickly, the effects last for years!  

   "Hi Sue

     Thank you so much for sending me the video..Oh it made me feel quite emotional to see it, but not in a bad way. It just brought back all the feelings of how good I felt after The Journey and I have never looked back, and I am now a better and healed woman because of it. I hope that the video will truly help other people suffering as I know that it is life changing and the most wonderful experience to come out the other side and be whole again    

 If ever you need me to speak to others about my experience, then please let me know. I would love to be able to talk about it as I have such faith in Journey Therapy and would love to share my experience with anyone who is in pain.

Thank you for helping me."  Karen

Firstly what a lovely lady Sue is. She made me feel so at ease, so comfortable, safe and felt like she just instinctively knew how to help me.

 I left feeling completely amazing something had and has changed for the better with me. The feeling is fantastic. The anger I felt so much has is now manageable. I'm feeling like the person who I want to be.

I had been going to therapy for ten years which is the support I needed through my Mum’s illness and then losing her.

I have to say I've never reached those places I went in all those years. Sue knew how to take me there with ease and safety. It's like I've found inner peace that I wanted.

I can think of Mum with so much love rather than the anger that she left me.

I can't thank Sue enough for her fantastic work and kindness. I'm so glad I stumbled across her details.
K- January 2013

From a Social Worker, October 2011

I am a professional person with a challenging job the Social Work field. In the past I have referred several clients for   Journey therapy and have  seen amazing results. It never occurred to me that one day I would need the therapy myself.   

Approaching the summer of 2011 I began to felt really down, stress of university deadlines and relationship/ family difficulties. During this time I felt so low and could not see any light at the end of the tunnel. I guess everyone around me felt I could deal with these issues as I was a strong person , they were so wrong , there was days I could not get out of bed . I see everything in my life as a negative rather than a positive. I felt stuck in a deep dark hole. 

Prior to this I had seen the results of Journey therapy and has worked with and witnessed the positive outcomes. I knew  I had to get out of the dark hole I was in  and decided on to undertake Journey Therapy.  

If someone told me the Journey can work straight away I would not have believed them. Well it did for me, it changed my life instantly. A few hours after the therapy, I was in a world of my own world I was trying to comprehend how I was able to talk about the deep rooted issues of the past that I would and never had thought of. The experience was amazing. Since this day I have become stronger and stronger. I have regained my positive outlook on life and my confidence has returned.  

The journey is something you have to experience to appreciate as it is truly amazing, I often look back to the dark hole I was in and feel so happy that the Journey has changed my life for the better.  J  

I desperately needed to feel differently about myself and a lot of “angst” that had been overwhelming me.

I left feeling quite exhausted but oh wow; what an incredible experience. I cannot really put into words how grateful I am to you.

I have found me again – I have found the Serena who I knew I could be but couldn’t get to. My husband and children are simply staggered at the change in my whole being. We had just the best weekend for many many years – laughing and just enjoying being together. I feel as though an enormous weight has simply gone. I have reached a place where I accept and feel comfortable and content with the past and just want to live for today and all the tomorrows.

Also I have stopped eating myself out of house and home! I have lost 4lbs in just 5 days without trying!.

Once again Sue – my heartfelt thanks to you. I can honestly and sincerely say that you and the process have changed my life and for that I will always be eternally grateful.

Kind regards
 Serena (January 2007)

‘Stress’ has many physical and emotional symptoms and is suffered by many people. By discovering the memory that put the issue in place the symptoms of stress are alleviated.

“Although sceptical, I decided to try complementary therapy when my life had sunk to an unimaginable low.

Usually an outgoing character, I had become depressed and withdrawn. The main causes of my distress were due to a very stressful period at work and the breakdown in my marriage.

The combination of the two issues also triggered a previous condition, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. I worried about everything. I spent nights without any sleep at all. In those long hours, I was willing myself to sleep, thinking that I really didn’t want to wake up the next day.

I had tried conventional treatment when my GP prescribed drugs, which helped the symptoms a little but did nothing to treat the root cause, and the physical side effects were unacceptable.

My life has changed immeasurably following the complementary therapy known as ‘The Journey’. I have become more confident, optimistic, efficient and content. My self-esteem and self worth is higher than ever. I am now in a wonderful relationship full of love.

The amazing thing is that the Journey process is so easy. During the sessions, I was completely in control, no drugs, hypnotism, or any other things that would concern me.

Working in a high-risk industry, there are still times where I feel pressured and often face stressful situations, but now I am able to deal with them. I sleep well, I’m relaxed and happy. My quality of life is such that I embrace every moment”.

Male  (age 41 years)
February 2003

“I had had backache for over 3 years and despite every test and treatment under the sun nothing had helped. Within 2 days of my appointment the pain had completely gone.” C T

After my appointment I decided not to take any of the medication that I would normally take for diabetes. I had my normal breakfast, fruit at break time and my normal lunch. However there was also much rich food on offer as it was a colleague's birthday so I had cocktail sausages and a pork pie (forbidden). Interesting there were mince pies, Christmas pud and Christmas cake on offer too - I would normally have indulged in these but I was totally disinterested in them (that's amazing!)

At 4.30 I measured my blood glucose - it was 8.8. The norm is 7.0 for a healthy person but 8.8 for me, having had no drugs, is unbelievable. We ate early (5.30) as I was hungry. At 6.15 my blood glucose was 10.4 (this is normal for anyone - it goes up until the pancreas produces enough insulin to deal with the sugar). Here's the miracle - at 7.15 it had dropped to 7.4!!!!!! I measured my wife Anne's level and she was at 7.9!!! For me to be at 7.4 less than two hours after eating is miraculous, especially having taken no drugs! I'm drinking gallons of water (I think it's flushing through).

I'm recording everything because at some point I'll have to convince the medical people that I'm healed. Actually that would be easy because I go for repeat prescriptions and hospital tests every three months. I'll have the tests (these give an accurate average blood glucose reading over three months) but will not ask for any issue of drugs. I'll keep you informed but so far so good!  Many thanks again!

Mr A. B. (School Teacher) December 2006

“Within days of my appointment so much had begun to change. The ‘bathroom issues’ had stopped in days. I had stopped taking medication, I was going out with friends to eat, even having a curry! My dignity had returned at last. Emotionally I was feeling so much better; my self confidence had increased, relationships with family and friends improved. I was feeling unusually optimistic; I even booked a holiday abroad with my children. I enrolled on a training course, my enthusiasm returned and concentration improved. Breathlessness had disappeared and I was sleeping well. Headaches had gone and the impact of monthly ‘female issues’ was dramatically reduced.

A few months later I suddenly realized I had completely given up smoking too!
Not only that, I had sorted out debt problems, got a full time job, made lots of new friends and started a relationship with a lovely man into the bargain! This is my first year in many not taking Prozac“

“ I had been taking medication for migraine for 20 years. The pain has stopped now and my doctor is amazed.” CH

“I am finally free of the grief that has been holding me back.” A.W.

I have been so well since the session. I got through my 2 months acting without a problem. My general health has been a lot better, I have a much more positive outlook and good things seem to be happening for me. I also look a lot better in my self and I'm not experiencing the terrible tiredness.


"I have done things this week that I would not have imagined I would ever be able to." S.K.

"I experienced domestic violence when I was with my son’s father over a period of two and a half years. An incident with my son’s father occurred December 2006 and I felt very depressed, low self confidence and a degree of anger towards my son’s father.

I have attended just a few group sessions with you and have benefited greatly. My confidence has risen, which previously effected my current relationship and things have now improved there. I still feel there is room for my self confidence to grow, but am astonished how quickly the journey sessions have helped.

I have dealt with issues that I have been carrying with me through life, and it is a relief that I not longer have to carry this burden.

My anger towards my son’s father is slowly decreasing. I didn't realise I had not dealt with the way I had been treated previously, and it just took one incident for my life to feel like it was falling apart again. The Journey is helping me overcome this anger towards him and therefore feel at peace with myself. The depression that I felt is much better.

Afterwards the groups I feel completely refreshed and more content with myself. I am very lucky to have come across this method of dealing with my problems, and hope that others in my situation are able to experience this as well. I do feel there are more sessions needed for me but I am thoroughly enjoying the whole process.

Thank you for all your support and helping me on my Journey" 


By uncovering the memories that create self- sabotage, lack of confidence, etc., work, careers and businesses often improve dramatically.

“My business is now doing really well, I’ve just received a contract for £1.4 million!”

"My manager has noticed the changes in me........... and I have just been promoted!"

Lois had been diagnosed with dyslexia. She was avoiding going to school. Every morning was almost a battle to get her into school.

After 3 processes Lois was happily bouncing into her classroom. Her teachers noticed her new found confidence and her academic ability has remarkably improved.

From Mother of a 9 year old........

Since Ben's Journey Therapy appointment with you I think it is the first time since he started nursery, aged 3, that he seems relaxed and without anxiety.  The 'what-if's' of his life have disappeared and I see my little boy excited about his days (which brings tears to my eyes even as I type!).  He used to wake up everyday saying 'I hate school'.  We've not heard that once since he came to see you.   

Within 2 days of his appointment his increased attention was noticed at school.  Fear of the dark has not been mentioned since.  On 3 different days he has been so happy that he's told me it's the best day of his life.  Whilst he never had nightmares before, he would sometimes have a dream he didn't like (not a repetitive one).  Shortly after seeing you, I was sitting on his bed one morning chatting with him and he was telling me about a funny dream he'd had in the night and he was giggling away as he tried to tell me the details.  I haven't even noticed any real outbursts of anger.  He's definitely calmer and contented.  

I know when you asked him to rate different emotions he gave you a '5' for his happiness.  The other day when he was sitting quietly I reminded him we'd had a chat with you and that he'd given a score for different feelings.  Then without reminding him of his previous score I asked him to rate from 0-10 how happy Ben is.  He gave an immediate 10.  He subsequently rationalised it and reduced it to a 5 because he said he can still have sadness and other things.  I told him that was completely normal and healthy and so he told me that he'd still score a 10 then. 

I am so delighted at the outcome as Ben is now living life the way he deserves.  As his mum it makes the world of difference to witness. These tools and techniques never cease to amaze me with the incredible results they produce.  Thank you again for your help. Lisa 

A teacher who is also a Journey Practitioner is having such remarkable results using the Journey processes with the more ‘challenging’ pupils at her school, that the Head of the school has arranged the schools time table to include Journey therapy with selected pupils addressing issues and problems.The most challenging pupils have responded the most significantly.This is a huge step forward in helping and supporting pupils who may otherwise be excluded from school.

“I feel like I am dieting with a different attitude and I don’t feel hungry at all!“

“The weight has just dropped off. It’s wonderful not thinking about food all the time”

“My self esteem has grown so much. I no longer think about my weight all the time, I look healthier and feel happier than I have ever done” EX-ANOREXIA SUFFERER
A client had battled with her overweight issue for most of her adult life, despite having tried many diets and other alternatives in the past. Within 4 months following her appointment she had lost 3 stone.

Janice is another wonderful example of how an individual can clear the issues driving their destructive eating behaviour and start living life to the full …………….

At the end of 2002 Janice weighed 16 stone and wore a dress size 22. She had tried many different diets, hypnotherapy, even Over-eaters Anonymous, nothing seemed to help.

In February 2003 she made a life changing decision to try and uncover the emotional issues behind the extra weight she was carrying. Working with a Journey therapist she realised that instead of facing her emotional baggage she was just suppressing it with food.

Finally facing the memories that had put this eating pattern in place, her relationship with food transformed completely and her sense of self worth blossomed. She dropped 5 stone in 5 months and is now a dress size 12 her weight has stabilised at that level.

Many of the symptoms associated with the women’s monthly cycle are greatly improved and often alleviated. These include pain, irritability, heavy and mid-cycle bleeding, mood swings, bloating, craving's and headaches. More serious issues such as Endometriosis have had remarkable improvement often with symptoms completely disappearing.

After my appointment I was extremely tired but I felt so calm and relaxed I can't believe it myself. I'm certainly sleeping better. But what I have found really bizarre is that the ‘monthly's’ appeared the other day unannounced, no pain !! Never have I experienced this as I usually experiencing some pain!! No back or groin pain its fab!I also noticed that I am not feeling so hungry and when I am eating normal meals I feel fuller quicker!!                                                                                          Karen

“My Gynaecologist was amazed that I no longer had any pain.” Endometriosis sufferer

The emotional effects of both miscarriage and Termination are greatly under-estimated.

A client had experienced 4 failed I.V.F. treatments and was feeling desperate about the future.

"I feel so healed. The sense of despair and grief has been transformed."

The thought of going into hospital to have major surgery was really scary. I decided to have a Journey process to see if it would help.

I was surprised that the process was much easier than I expected it to be and noticed immediately after that the (hangover!) headache that I had arrived with had gone!

I went into hospital a week later feeling much calmer.

Incidentally, I have noticed that I am much calmer with my children than before my Journey process, and that obviously will benefit everyone!

I would recommend a Journey process to people I know for various different problems, as it has such promising results.”

Miss. G
Age 22 years

  • 1 in 4 women are victims of Sexual Abuse
  • Most male victims do not report their offenders!
  • In children under 16 years old, 1 in 5 girls and 1 in 8 boys suffer sexual abuse.

These statistics are horrifying and it is likely that you know more than one person who has been a victim. They may not have talked to you or anyone about their torment but this does not mean that they do not think about it… they do …...often.

This issue affects women and men.

Below is a ‘testimonial’ from a client, Lesley, who had been a victim of sexual abuse since a VERY young age and over many years. Lesley now finds herself free from the mental torture that these hideous acts of abuse caused. She is eager to let others know how she has finally been set free, so that they too, can put an end to their misery that these appalling acts create.

Lesley’s quality of life has improved immeasurably and has moved her to write the following:-

“As a survivor of child sexual abuse I have experienced several different types of counselling and therapy. A couple of weeks ago undertook a Journey process, no other therapy has shifted so much negative stuff so quickly or so painlessly and I am still noticing positive changes in my personal life".

“I recommend the Journey process to anyone who is serious about clearing past emotional debris…. it has changed my life.”

Lesley 2002

Sent to Occupational Health Advisor at Dacorum Borough Council

'Thought I would just e-mail you about an experience I had at a group session at Woodhall Farm last night run by Sue Franklin.

I think I mentioned to you about my hearing problems - I am deaf in one ear and suffer tinnitus in both ears. During the journey presentation I was suddenly aware of a noise like the wind blowing in my good ear, and after could hear very well a clock ticking that I had not been aware of earlier. I was so relaxed during the journey and no doubt this reduced the tension I often have, and contributed to the usual feeling of woolyness/foggy feeling in my head being almost non-existent, and me becoming very clear-headed.

Today it is not as good as last night, but it was really nice to feel a lot clearer than I very often feel. I find Sue's presentations very good and calming and the journey experience is certainly very beneficial.

Regards Mike’

Hi Sue
I just wanted to let you know the response that my colleague had, having attended a “group journey process session”.
In brief my colleague/friend has a medical condition which seems to stem from her spine and has caused her to have a neck operation. She has also lost the use of her left hand (it is curled up). The company physiotherapist recently told her that much of the problem was caused by tension and stress resulting in a very unhealthy posture, part of which involves her shoulders tending to crunch up by her ears. He explained how it would help her greatly if she could address this posture and try to learn to put her shoulders in the right place and be aware of them.
Subsequent to the visit to the physiotherapist she also had a check up with her consultant, who sadly predicted that her problem is likely to get worse and she could end up losing the use of her right hand also, and will probably need further operations to her neck or spine.
During the group journey process she chose to address her medical condition. She certainly got a memory and was able to address some feelings she had forgotten about or just shelved somewhere. We chatted about it afterwards just between the two of us, and then left to go to our respective homes.
The next day at work, she told me she had woken up with really bad aching around her shoulders, but the interesting thing was that the reason her shoulders were aching was because they had dropped or lowered into their correct position over night, and of course they weren’t used to being there, so they were aching. She said she could feel her shoulders dropping as she sat up.
She is quite taken aback by the tangible result or response she has experienced following the group session. She is keen to continue with more of the journey process as she has more she would like to work on.
I hope this testimonial on her behalf is a useful record of what can happen from a group process. As you know I also got some strong insight and emotional unblocking, which I believe is going to yield positive results regarding my weight. I will keep you posted on that one !
Lovely to talk with you and speak again soon.
Kindest regards
Wenda Marcus
Human Resources Manager


 “I can’t believe what a difference this had made!”

“My husband is so impressed by the changes in me, he wants to book an appointment.”

“I have no depression at all now.”

“I feel like a different person.”

“ I no longer carry the feeling of guilt.”

“It’s like my anger has evaporated.”

“I feel amazing.”

“At a point in my life where I felt totally confused, not knowing which way to turn but faced with difficult decisions, the Journey process allowed me the clarity to be able to see why I felt so uncertain. With the gentle and encouraging support of Sue, my Journey practitioner I was at last able to unlock the deeply seated painful issues that had held me back for so long and have the strength to make the decisions I knew deep down to be the right ones. After this process I physically felt as though a weight had been lifted from my body and even that I was actually physically able to breathe more easily than I had for some time.”

Lesley, now in her 30’s, was abused from the age of 5 and raped at 10 years old. After many years of various therapies, Lesley had just one Journey process. After just 2 days, she phoned me to say that it had changed her life. Her relationships with everyone had changed and she is the happiest she has ever been
After five years in an unhappy marriage, tolerating her husband's unacceptable behaviour, a woman aged 35, was after just one Journey appointment was able to see for herself the effect that her husband's behaviour was having on her and their children and she was able to amicably end their marriage.

A client (age mid 20’s)  lack of assertiveness was causing issues  for her, she also mentioned that she had Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). Since her Journey process her assertiveness has greatly increased AND she has not needed to take her usual medication for IBS at all.

A lady in her mid 50’s had battled with her overweight issue for most of her adult life, despite having tried many diets and other alternatives in the past. After a Journey process 4 months ago she has now lost three stone. She told me that after her process she felt she was dieting with ‘A Different Attitude’, and she did not feel hungry!

A lady (age mid 30’s) who had been a ‘victim’ of male control for more than 8 years is now able to say “that’s enough” and is now happily getting on with her life.